The dream is community, and Big Heart Coffee is not your average coffee bar.
Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for community, as well as a place where you can come and get a great cup of coffee.
Love and espresso served daily.


Engage the Bean

Every coffee has a story, from the farmer's days out in the sun to a refreshing cup of cold brew in an air-conditioned coffee lab. This is what makes each and every coffee just a little bit different: altitude, soil, shade, roast time, temperature, water quality, grind size, extraction ratio... the list goes on.​

As we search for the best possible cup of coffee, we've selected some of our favorite roasters right here in Tucson, AZ, from light to dark roasts, from Indonesia to the Congo and then on a trek through Costa Rica.


Do you want a flavor with that?

We know just how intense the love of a blueberry-mocha frappé  in the dead of summer is, so we haven't cut any corners as we've built up a collection of flavorings and chilled beverages for the coffee connoisseur and smoothie guru alike.​
Among these, you'll find our signature Big Heart Shake, concocted just for those moments when you can't choose between espresso and ice cream.