Roasted Coffee Yellow Brick PAPUA NEW GUINEA AAAK Angra Mindima 12oz

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Roasted Coffee Yellow Brick PAPUA NEW GUINEA AAAK Angra Mindima 12oz


TASTING NOTES:  Graham cracker, red grape, creamy


AAAK Cooperative is located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.  Dozens of villages, or “cluster groups”, contribute coffee to the cooperative and each village has a different way of growing and processing their coffee.   AAAK is known as an umbrella cooperative.  The name AAAK is derived from the names of the four contributing smaller cooperatives Apo, Anga, Angra, and Kange, each word meaning “brother” in their native language in order to signify comradery.  According to Crop to Cup Importers, AAAK is leading the way in unifying many different tribes.

The AAAK Cooperative offers university scholarships and was able to hire their first university graduate to run a youth-engagement program.  They have since organized an inter-clan sports league which will be hosting an upcoming volleyball tournament where youth from 14 different tribes will participate.

This coffee was produced by the Mindima group who contribute to the Angra Cooperative.  The Angra Mindima received high praise when we cupped it alongside several other coffees from  the same region of Papua New Guinea.  We noted its clean cup as well as it’s distinct tasting notes which inspired us to share it with you.

COUNTRY: Papua New Guinea

REGION: AAAK Cooperative

FARM: Angra Mindima

VARIETAL: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra