Available in 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz, with the exception of tea and traditional Italian espressos. 12oz prices indicated.


Highly-concentrated espresso packs a punch. Excellent with milk.

Americano    /    $2.25
Espresso + Water

Latté    /    $3.50
Espresso + Milk + Milk Foam

Cappuccino    /    $3.50
Espresso + Milk + Thick milk foam

Mocha Latté    /    $4
Espresso + Milk + Chocolate

Cortado    /    $3
Espresso + Milk (4oz)

Double Shot    /    $3
2oz Espresso

Con Panna    /    $2.75
Espresso + Whipped Cream


Hot Coffee
The world is brewing is vast, this is how we enjoy our coffee.

Pour Over    /    $3.50
Paper filter with a clean mouthfeel. Very versatile.

Half Press    /    $3
Steel filter and full immersion with a rich mouthfeel.

Full Press    /    $5
Steel filter and full immersion with a rich mouthfeel.

Clever    /    $4
Paper filter and full immersion—the lovechild of a French Press and Pour Over.

Aeropress    /    $3.50
Paper filter vacuum brewing with a medium mouthfeel.

Auto Drip    /    $2
Classic paper filter batch-brewing.

Café Au Lait    /    $3
A latté made with drip coffee.


Cold Coffee
Chilled beverages with bold and refreshing flavors.

Cold Brew    /    $2.50
Steeped cold for 24hrs with smooth and refreshing flavors.

Japanese Iced Coffee    /    $4
Slow drip onto ice for bright and bold aromatics.

Shaken Aeropress    /    $4
Ice-cold with a thick head of foam and medium mouthfeel.

Frappé    /    $4.50
Blended coffee and your choice of flavoring.

Affogato    /    $4.50
Two shots espresso over ice cream.

Big Heart Shake    /    $5.50
Our signature drink, ice cream and espresso blended with your choice of flavoring.


Only the best leaves, steeped in ancient tradition.

Hot Tea    /    $3
All teas in store are available brewed hot.

Iced Tea    /    $3
Japanese-style iced tea for those hot Tucson days.

Chai Latté    /    $3
Traditional black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, black peppercorn, and cloves.